B r o a d f i e l d

The BROADFIELD surname is classed as a local name ie. a person residing in or near a  " broad field ".

Some of the earliest mentions of this surname are as follows:

1085 BROADFIELD was mentioned in the Domesday Book: "Radulphus de Todeni tenet Bradfelde". The Todeni estates were later distributed to heiresses. Henry 111 deprived William de Bradfelde of these lands for backing the King's rival, Simon de Montfort, who was slain at the battle of Evesham in 1266.

When Henry died six years later the land reverted to John de Broadfield, who later bought more land in the parish of Bodenham, Herefordshire to add to his estate. Before the end of the 14th century the lands became the property of Dinmore Preceptory of the Knights Hospitallers of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem.

After the forfeiture of monastic lands by Henry Vlll, Broadfield changed hands and the house has since been the subject of alterations by the succeeding occupants. This could be seen in the seven gables facing south: one 14th, two 15th, three 19th and one 20th century, representing over six hundred years of habitation. The Edwardian gable was however demolished in 1968 to make the house more manageable.

The house referred to is known as Broadfield Court, Bodenham, Herefordshire. It is situated just off the A417 at Bodenham and is now known for producing English Ales and its Old English Gardens.

John del Brodefeld - County Lancashire, England, U.K. in the year 1332

Meurik del Brodefeld - County Lancashire, England, U.K. in the year 1332

Several place names bear this name - all referring to a locality; the "Broad Field"

Town of  " Broadfield " in Norfolk     

Town of  " Broadfield "   Herefordshire  in the District of Royston


Created 1st July 1837. Mainly in Hertfordshire, but included parts of Cambridgeshire and Essex.
Sub-districts : Buntingford; Melbourn; Royston.
GRO volumes : VI (1837-51); 3a (1852-1930).

Anstey, Ardeley, Ashwell, Aspenden, Barkway, Barley, Broadfield, Buckland, Cottered, Great Hormead, Hinxworth, Kelsall, Layston, Little Hormead, Meesden, North Royston (from 1896), Nuthampstead, Reed, Royston, Rushden, Sandon, South Bassingbourn (from 1896), South Kneesworth (from 1896), South Melbourn (from 1896), Therfield, Throcking, Wallington, Westmill, Wyddial.

   Church - BROADFIELD - West Sussex 

                    Broadfield Barton, Crawley. Rev. Rory Kelly. 48  

Colonsay Road, Broadfield, Crawley, West  Sussex, RH11 9DL.

Broadfield House Glass Museum

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